Pre Planning

Why use the FDANZ Funeral Trust?
The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) is an
association representing the majority of the funeral directing firms
in New Zealand. Established in 1937, FDANZ is a group of caring
professionals who are committed to ensuring the families they serve
are receiving high quality service. Its members arrange and direct
around 80% of funerals in New Zealand.
A prearranged funeral organised through the FDANZ Funeral Trust
is a way to preplan and prepay towards your funeral costs. The
Trust has been established by FDANZ to assist anyone to make
arrangements for their funeral, or the funeral of another person
such as a family member.
The FDANZ Funeral Trust is not an insurance policy. No health
checks or personal questions are needed. Anyone can prearrange a
funeral with an FDANZ Funeral Director through the FDANZ
Funeral Trust.

Financial Benefit
Up to $10,000 deposited into the FDANZ Funeral Trust plan is
excluded from asset testing (under current government policy)
when assessing eligibility for a subsidy for long term residential

Please contact us to arrange a meeting or drop into the office to collect a ‘My Life, My Funeral’ pack.